Realizing My True Blessings

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To: You

In some ways, society tells us, “There are plenty of fish in the sea,” “Live for now and don’t worry about the future,” or “Wait until you grow up to (fill in the blank).”

But what if in this very moment is your only opportunity to make the most of your life. To share with someone that your life isn’t that same without them. To realize that we aren’t young for ever. Youth is a gift only appreciated by the old. To launch out in the area that fear has held you back.

Our lives are the summations of individual experiences. Experiences that take you further toward your purpose or farther away from it. No amount of sex, money, drugs, fame, and power can change that. We are exactly who we are in the midst of our experiences. Our actions, our thoughts, our feelings are the only true definition of the individual lives we all live.

My strengths and successes no greater define me than my weaknesses and mistakes. Weaknesses that I can never truly hide, only slow transform into benefits. Mistakes can never be out ran or hidden. However, mistakes can transform into life lessons and best practices when faced head on.

I love my life not because of money, influence, ability, or resources. I love my life because of the people that I share my experiences with. It its because of you, my life is full. So on this Christmas Day, I thank you for the best gift I could ever receive, your friendship and companionship.

With love,


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